African products are far more significant in today’s world than the average American would care to imagine. Today, hundreds of African products and brands are leaving their mark on the American market, and perhaps even surpassing great American brands.

Whether it be skin care products, fashion lines, or anything else, African products are doing far better than what people might think. According to some, they might as well be punching above their weight, and it is something to be proud of for the manufacturers and sellers of such products.


Some examples of great African organizations doing their part

Africa imports, one of the biggest organizations of its kind, is one that helps uphold the African heritage all around the world, let alone just the US market. They offer all sorts of products, like African fabric wholesale, clothing, jewelry, musical instruments, and what not.

What they have done is given a support system to Africa’s rich culture and heritage, while bringing the best quality products right to the doorsteps of those who need them.

Zuvaa, a fashion brand started by one Kelechi Anyadiegwu, has boomed into a million-dollar business in recent years. Opened with just USD 500 by Kelechi, the business made around USD 2 million in sales in 2016.


She is a New York-based entrepreneur, and her adventures have already landed her a place in the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Such has been the influence of her brand on the US market, and she has been able to bring African heritage closer to the American scene.

When the fashion line took off, she went online too, making social media accounts to reach her customers better. Owing to her skills in digital marketing and online community building, she inspired even more African designers to showcase their talent to the world.

What if you want to open your own African store in the US?

If you are considering to open your own profitable African store in the US, be it an African fabric wholesale, skincare product, fashion line or any other store, there are a few things you need to follow and keep in mind.


The pointers discussed below will make sure that you have a smooth experience of opening an African product store, procure the best products, sell your items in the best manner, and make a profit too.

How to get the best products

Actually, Africa imports, discussed above, can help you get the right products for your store. Their import service for African products is quite the standard for any service of its kind, with products ranging from jewelry, oils, incense, soaps, skin care products, to musical instruments and other miscellaneous items.


If you are looking to start such a business, it is worth the time to take a look at their website and purchase their starter kit, which is just available for USD 49.

Once you get a source for your products…

It is time to get the legal stuff done. As far as the real estate is concerned, get a place that you deem fit for a brick-and-mortar store, or if you are looking to run an online store, it saves you from all the hassle of real estate.

Whatever it may be, you would need some licenses to sell these products from your stores, so go and get whatever they concern your area of operation. If you are looking to ship to other locations too, then contacting shipping companies would also be a good idea at this stage.

Passion and expertise are what’s needed now


Once you get everything up and running, it all is up to how you run things! You will naturally gain expertise in African products as time passes, which will help you run your store better. If you really have a passion for upholding the African culture and heritage, then there is nothing that can stop you from running a successful African product store in the US. For more information about businesses in Africa check wothappen. 

Final words

Taking inspiration from Zuvaa and Africa imports, if you are looking to run an African product store in the US, then do make sure to follow what we just told you. The right products, correct partnerships, and passion are what will take you all the way!