Adobe acrobat is a universally used tool for viewing, reading, editing, and storing PDF documents. However, its functionality is not limited to merely viewing and saving documents. It can be used for various other things that help you organize and change the format of your documents. Although they are not as widely known and used, their utility cannot be downplayed for this sole reason.

Many people use Adobe Acrobat to view and save PDF documents. It’s what the software is renowned for. But beneath the hood, the software has many powerful features – especially in its Pro version. This post explores five cool things you can do with Acrobat Pro.

Convert Any Document to PDF


Acrobat Pro allows you to convert just about any document into a PDF. You can convert Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint files, and even web pages into PDF using it. Once you’ve converted your document into a PDF using Acrobat Pro, you can then manipulate its elements. You can edit text, images, tables and more within your document.

Collaborate with Others


Acrobat Pro has many collaboration features that can help you streamline workflows and enhance productivity.

First, using its Send for Review (Send for Comments on macOS) feature, you can get multiple contributors to review a document. When sending the document for review, you can also include a custom message together with the document.

Acrobat Pro also allows document recipients to add their input directly onto a shared document. Reviewers can use the Highlight and Sticky Note tools to add comments. They can also mark up documents using markup functions like underline, strikethrough and more. All the changes and comments made by reviewers get saved on the Adobe Creative Cloud, meaning they can’t get lost. What’s more, changes and documents made by reviewers don’t alter the document. It retains its fidelity. However, only the document owner can view changes and comments.

Finally, Acrobat Pro allows you to get signatures quickly and easily. You can easily get multiple team members to sign documents and speed up your workflow using the Adobe Sign tool.

All these collaboration features make Acrobat Pro a powerful tool that can maximize efficiency.

Secure Documents


Documents often contain sensitive information. If you handle documents with sensitive information, you’ll want to prevent unauthorized people from accessing them. Acrobat Pro allows you to protect your documents using password protection.

You can set a document open password to restrict access to sensitive PDF documents, only allowing people with password access. You can also set a permissions password to prevent unauthorized people from printing, editing, and copying content in your PDF.

Work and Access Your Documents from Anywhere

Adobe Document Cloud provides cloud storage, allowing you to work on and access your documents from anywhere on multiple devices. This feature is especially helpful if you’re constantly on the move and do a lot of fieldwork. What’s more, Acrobat Pro can integrate with several other cloud storage solutions like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive, meaning you can continue to use your existing cloud storage.

Embed Multimedia in Your PDF Document


When supplemented with audio and video, text documents can become more engaging. Acrobat Pro can allow you to add video and audio to your PDF document. Navigate to the Rich Media icon under the Create & Edit category and click on add to add multimedia elements to your document.

Revise text and image fields

One of the many powerful features in Acrobat pro is to enhance the text and image fields. For example, say that you have received a scannable information format. If you want to make changes to the PDF, it is as easy as scanning and converting the resultant scan into a PDF.

Once the file is converted, it is easy to make the necessary edits in the resultant document. You can also simply click on Edit PDF to make quick changes and edits to your PDF.

Comment, Share, and Markup

Although these options are available in the free version as well, the Acrobat Pro offers seamless access to all these features. You can comment on the document wherever necessary. You can also share your document with your team or colleague  and work on one document jointly at a time, which lessens your burden and makes collaboration online easier.

You can also use the markup tool to easily mark the document and then share it with your team.



Acrobat pro allows you to save the PDF documents as and when the changes are made. You don’t have to manually save the document to save all the changes recently made. With a reliable internet connection, all the changes will be automatically saved. This makes your work process easier and reduces any kind of interruptions. Even if you face any interruptions, Adobe would have saved the document by then. Hence, Adobo Pro offers seamless working experience with automated saving processes.



Not all PDF viewers and processors allow you to add your sign. By default some PDFs are locked, whereas some viewers don’t offer the feature. But, Adobe Acrobat Pro offers this premium feature and it is easy to use unlike in other apps. Also, you can also create authentication gateways to allow people to access your PDF. This is deemed a highly secure feature, if your PDF has any confidential information.

Acrobat Pro is the most widely used tool for viewing and processing PDF documents. It is available in a number of different versions including free and paid versions. Although all the versions are equally decent, a few offer some added advantages, which provide extra help in tackling your documents.

Acrobat Pro isn’t just a tool for viewing and saving PDF documents. It’s also a powerful application packed with several useful tools that can enhance your PDF documents and improve your workflow. If you’re a student looking to benefit from these features, take advantage of the discounted software for students offered on Acrobat Pro and Adobe CCand start experiencing its benefits today!