Every size of the business may manage its trip purchasing with the help of travel management software. Such software allows for an ideal expense management tool for business travel instead of making reservations through regular websites, which are challenging to follow when it comes to travel expenses.

Additionally, corporate travel regulations can be added to the travel management software by the business so that staff members can book their flights and accommodations without requesting permission, saving time. Unforeseen events like flight rescheduling, hotel overbooking, etc., are also handled by travel management software.

We’ll examine some of the top travel management software in use right now in this article.

1. Happay


A cutting-edge travel management solution is provided by Happay. Additionally, it offers a one-stop shop for managing business expenses and making payments. The corporate trip booking software has gained traction as a robust and scalable solution, serving over 6500 clients across industries.

The best travel management software from Happay features a multi-supplier, multi-request approach with fewer booking problems and complete trip expense visibility for approvers. The program features a full GST portal connection and a GST tracker, and it complies with GST regulations for use with airlines.

2. Travelperk

An all-purpose tool, Travelperk is excellent for both small and midsized businesses. A small workforce business can also gain a lot from Travelperk’s effective travel management software. The platform’s user interface is flexible, allowing managers and employees to handle their travel and lodging arrangements fully. Additionally, the platform provides tremendous booking flexibility and up to 80% money back if you need to cancel your vacation.

Additionally, when you utilize Travelperk’s technology, you get real-time information on potential threats you may face while traveling. In addition to having the largest travel inventory in the world, TravelPerk also offers strong management tools, round-the-clock customer service, cutting-edge technology, and consumer-grade design, all of which help businesses all over the world make the most of their trip.

3. TripEasy


For travelers and businesses, TripEasy is a smooth travel management site that offers a wide range of cutting-edge solutions. With access to more than 400,000 accommodation possibilities, the program replaces corporate travel engines in real-time.

Using TripEasy, an agent can book multiple travelers at once and implement a tiered approval process. They also have access to a detailed dashboard view. Additionally, the unique chances made accessible to VIP personnel, HR/recruiters, and travel managers are very beneficial.

With the help of TripEasy’s smart notifications, customers may receive timely updates, including trip-saving notices, security alerts, and messages from friends and coworkers. Additionally, Ava, an AI assistant, offers adequate assistance with sorting travel choices, scheduling excursions, and receiving communications.

4. Egencia

Egencia is a fully functional travel management system made for agencies and SMEs. Business benefits from satisfied tourists. Learn how using a single booking platform can boost savings and compliance. You must have access to the appropriate data. Utilize data-driven insights to identify discounts, track trends, and browse interactive dashboards for the most recent details on your travel program. Travel management is made easier when you have access to all the travel information required, whether you’re scheduling, altering a trip, or approving staff travel.

5. TripCreator


TripCreator is a lightweight platform that enables experts, tour operators, travel companies, and DMCs to build itineraries quickly. Travel-related professionals can design itineraries on this platform in list view. They can also add appropriate product and content components to the itineraries. The drag-and-drop capability also makes it simple for users to click and drag objects to reschedule them or click a specific item to edit them. Through emails or shareable links, TripCreator enables travel agents, tour operators, and others to distribute stunning white-label itineraries online.

Travel industry experts may now browse itineraries item by item without having to click on several tabs, thanks to TripCreator. The site also offers a variety of shared itinerary templates for taking care of travel-related material like lodging, transportation, activities, points of interest, and more. This platform also includes a unique app that offers accurate views and fast updates in order to improve customers’ travel experiences.

6. Routespring

Routespring provides your company with real-time visibility and control, enabling your team to work more effectively. Routespring genuinely cares about those whose occupations demand them to travel outside technology. Find them the best airlines and hotels with better customer service that are affordable, safe, and within your company’s budget. The travel management software Routespring is designed for consolidated billing for all corporate travels. The finance team has real-time insight and control over travelers, thanks to Routespring. Refund procedures can be dropped.

7. TripActions


Using a single platform, TripActions’ travel management software enables precise tracking of business travel, expenses, payments, and reconciliation. The solution distinguishes itself from competitors with a powerful online booking engine, an unmatched inventory, and international travel agencies. It makes use of cutting-edge machine-learning technology and keeps track of each traveler’s unique tastes and decisions. Effective corporate travel continuity is ensured by concise traveler reports, a fixed travel manager, and granular policy monitoring capacity.

It provides a big selection of options with the best rates for a certain trip. Organizations can measure the carbon emissions produced by their business trips and give employees the tools to cut them thanks to a sophisticated carbon impact monitoring function in this particular product. TripActions offers special centralized billing options for each selected trip. By sending a combined invoice at the conclusion of each journey, the software eliminates the need for further human work. Trusted with a centralized billing system, TripActions offers self-service solutions, making sure that guests are covered with pay later hotels.


Companies and foreign organizations that have staff members who frequently fly to different regions to promote company interests or who employ traveling personnel might benefit greatly from travel management software.

Today, managing travel without using travel management software would jeopardize an organization’s ability to operate effectively, particularly when travel is a crucial component of the organization’s job. Software designed specifically for managing travel for businesses makes operations easier. Thus, your best shot in that regard might be one of the seven solutions we talked about above.