Trezor cryptocurrency wallet is one of the most popular wallets that all global investors trust for moving ahead with their transactions. Trezor offers various hardware wallets, but the ones that top the popularity charts are Trezor Model T and Trezor One.

Santoshi Labs produce all these models, but the ones mentioned above made their way to the market in 2018 and 2014, respectively.

If you are planning to invest in these hardware products, it is evident that you have thoughts regarding their performance and features that will help you decide on the right one for your need.

Let’s cover the essential information that can be part of your decision.

• If you are looking for a budgeted model and are not looking to opt for dealing in a diverse portfolio, you can choose to go with Trezor One.
• However, if you don’t have a problem spending more and are looking for better portfolios and displays, the latter should be your go-to option.

Who Can Use The Trezor One


As discussed, this one is a budget purchase. But is it the only thing that should push an investor to buy this one?

There are some other things to consider while buying this one that is as follows:

If you don’t want an extended deal in the cryptocurrency diversity and are okay with dealing in major coins only, this one will help you. However, you should know that this one only supports a few coins. Also, portability is better with this one. Hence, if you have similar interests, you can choose this one. It has a lightweight and is relatively more minor when compared to Model T.

Who Can Use Model T

While studying Trezor Model T vs Trezor One, you should be aware of the basic functionality of this one. All sophisticated traders either indulge in trade practices or are interested in making the trade by having various options. If you want something that renders support to Ripple (XRP) and others like Solana (SOL), or Cardano (ADA), then you can consider this one. It can also help you with proper dealing with ERC-20 coins.

Also, if you are someone who is up for clear visuals and vivid displays, this is the one that can help you get an edge in trading. Also, the color touch screen of this one is large and hence, can help you with a better display.

Comparison Of The Security Features


If you have a slight idea about hardware wallets, you will know that hacking them is impossible. So, basic security is promised by all wallets.

But what about these two makes them one of the most-talked cryptocurrency wallets?

When a user accidentally discloses the passwords or any part of the recovery phrases, there is a high chance of increased vulnerability. For example, if you go back to the trends in 2020, you will come across the fact that there was a severe hardware vulnerability that was a common thing for both devices. In such cases, the hacker has an opportunity to hack the PIN code in just a matter of 15 minutes. But, they need to have physical access to the device. It is a flaw that connects to the microcontroller and cannot be fixed. Even if you go for a firmware upgrade, the chances of fixing this issue are less.

However, it is essential to highlight that Trezor has released a series of firmware updates aiming to minimize the risk. If you are looking for recommendations, you should know that the wallet is password-protected and has a PIN. There is a better chance of overcoming this vulnerability through this step.

However, when we talk about these models, in particular, they come with seals that help you gain confidence in the authenticity and ensure that there is no tampering. The similarity in the models is decoded as follows:

• You can set a PIN code for accessing the device. The code can be upto 50 digits long.
• You can use the passphrase to help you gain access to the sub-wallets if you want something specific.
• There is a recovery phase that will help you with device restoration.

Hence, to sum up, the comparison of these models, if you are looking for the following things, Trezor One should be your pick.

• Long-term protection of your bitcoin holding.
• A trusted display so that the data signing process is easy and hassle-free.
• You have a better chance of recovering your funds.
• Suppose you are looking for long-term and satisfying functioning. Also, it can be rebuilt and modified with the help of open-source code.

However, if you want to soar high on evolution and modernity, along with the following factors, the Model T wallet is a good choice.

• Being a next-generation wallet, it expands the opportunities the older model has in store for you. It has an intuitive interface and offers better usability and privacy.
• There is a large display with touchscreen mode and other sensory inputs.
• Some functionality is offered to you by this model only.
• You need not worry about minor physical damages as the case has impact-resistance ABS plastic.

Need For Choosing Trezor


The main idea behind these wallets enjoying more considerable momentum in the market is that it allows people to access and manage their wealth on various digital platforms.

They can do it independently. It is the perfect choice as it functions through open-source code. The availability of this code helps in the verification of firmware, and also, researchers have a chance to codebase introduction. It is an excellent way of keeping barriers intact so that there are no new threats on the way.

Also, it has an excellent customization range, an added advantage for advanced and experienced users.


In all, both are parts of the same block. Model T is an advanced version and glorifies all the features and advantages that Trezor One offers. However, every individual has their likes and dislikes. Hence, it would help if you had an appropriate idea behind your choice so that it can benefit you the most.