The best way to grow your business is to promote them to your loyal and potential customers. The more customers you get, the greater the profit you will gain. The more profit you attain, the faster and more prominent your business will boom.

Promotion is the most challenging part of a business startup; you need to have a significant amount of imagination for your business to kick off. If you’re able to impress them with your creativity, then the odds of them purchasing and investing in your product will be high and can become a benefit for your business.

Considering that this is a business startup, it’s pretty clear that you still don’t have any ideas for promoting your brand. Well, you’re just in the right place as this article will be tackling different types of brand promotion you can use. After reading this, you’ll generate an idea of how you will promote your brand. Let’s get started!

1. Advertisements


Advertising is the most common type of promotion that most businesses engage in marketing. Through advertising, you can promote your product to a vast group of people through different media like newspapers, television, radio, and social media. With just a few seconds, you can show your brand to different audiences, leading them to become your potential customers for your business.

It’s unnecessary that your advertising should be lengthy; what’s important is the creativity and how your business is shown in the advertisement. Keep in mind that you need to engage with your audiences to be interested in your product. With unique gimmicks added to your advertisements, it will make your customers intrigued and want to know more about your brand.

To make an effective advertisement, you can seek help from various professionals. For example, you can hire creative directors, growth hackers, marketers, and other people who create advertisements. Through the help of these people, you will be able to come up with the best advertising for your business to attract the right market, which will be a massive step for your company’s growth.

2. Direct Promotion


If you want to be direct with your audience, you can do direct promotion. The word direct itself means you’re trying to communicate with the consumer itself. Unlike advertising which targets mass audiences, direct promotion lets you communicate with potential customers one by one. To save time and resources, the audience you cater to through this method gets filtered out.

You can do it mostly through emails, websites, promotional letters, and catalogs. In this type of promotion, your goal is to build and establish relationships with your customers. These customers can be your prospects, potential investors, and advocates. To make a successful direct promotion, make sure to have well-made content on your mediums to make them interested in your business, leading to another referral for a potential customer.

3. Sponsorships


Another type of promotion that you can do is sponsorships. Most joint sponsorships are done by hosting an event or donating some of your merchandise. In this way, you can ensure that your brand will be recognized at the event. It can also increase your customers’ user experience as they can try out your merchandise during the event or other activities that you have agreed with the organizer.

Sponsorships are common practice nowadays, especially with social media. Streamers or influencers often have products from their sponsors clearly visible when they interact with their audience or go online. With this, their followers will form an interest in buying and using the product as they can see the effectiveness of the sponsored merchandise.

This type of promotion became more useful during the pandemic. Due to the compromised interaction of face to face interaction, people spend their time more on the internet. Businesses then took advantage of these and made sponsorships with famous streamers.

4. Sales Promotion


Anybody wants a discount, and once a customer sees a sale in a store, they will always consider looking it up and purchasing it afterward. In this type of promotion, you can have the advantage over your competitors for a limited time as this makes the audience engaged with your merchandise and spreads awareness.

If you want an example, you can try to create or form a competition sponsored by your company where the prize will be your merchandise. It engages people, especially those who like to compete and have fun. Another example is to provide a buy one take one promo. You’ll definitely catch the attention of consumers who love a good bargain.

You can also offer loot bags; you can create your custom bag toppers and pack some of your merchandise or product. If you want to create your custom headers for your loot bags, check out

5. Personal Promotion


The most standard and traditional way of promoting your brand is to personally talk to your potential investors. Pitching your idea to your future shareholders is vital for this promotion. If you can convince and introduce the idea or goal of your business, getting that investor will be a success, and this will be the time that your business will start to kick off.

You can write out your speech or presentation to make the best business pitch. In this way, you can have a more transparent look at executing your idea to the investors. Also, remember to practice your script repeatedly, as these investors want to see a confident person with their ideas while pitching.

Take your time to write everything you need to present, don’t rush it, or else you won’t get that sweet yes of those investors in front of you. Keep your presentation straightforward and add some creativity to it, and indeed your business will be on its way to success.


These are just the standard promotions you can do with your business startup. If you want to explore more, you can search for other strategies for brand promotion. Always remember, when it comes to promoting, being transparent and creative is your key essential to winning over those investors.