Video editing is a big part of our surroundings. We live in the age of visual media. If you take a look around we are surrounded by various video materials. Let’s not only see it through the lenses of professionals.

Most of us are making videos each day. We all have cameras on our smartphones. Access to social media platforms is unlimited. Video creation was never easier. Platforms such as TikTok focus solely on videos, and short clips. But, making a video is a job only half done. This much is clear.

Even if you’re a beginner in this domain, you’ll immediately notice small details that are wrong with every video you make. It’s in our nature to seek perfection. Sometimes when you’re making one, for friends and family, or social media, you’ll find various flaws. Maybe it’s too long or too short, there are darker and lighter tones, light is not great, some parts could be cut out, and others added. This is what you’ll face both as an amateur and professional. The first time you wish for a video to be edited you’ll realize you’ll need some help.

The good news is that there are tools to help you with this. The best route to take is to use the best tools available. That way you’ll be guaranteed that the end product will be of the highest quality. Also, when you use the same tools professionals do, you’ll learn the perks of video editing faster, and you’ll be able to apply new knowledge with more fluidity.

In no time, you’ll be able to call yourself a professional. Even if your goal is to use any software only for your personal needs, there’s no harm in knowing what video editing software professionals use. The list is below, so help yourself.

Adobe Premiere Pro


Let’s start with the best one out there. If you visit you can find their Premiere Pro editor and make the first step in making yourself a fine video editor. This tool offers plenty of options for both pros and those who are only starting their video editing career. This is what makes it so great. It is a great entry-level software that will be your option even if you start working for Pixar. Their motto is a statement that they’re always a cut above the competitors, and they’re not lying.

If you want software that is used and recommended by plenty of professionals you’ll pick this one. If you want to do it right and prosper in this field of work you don’t even need to read further from this paragraph. It doesn’t matter if your work is intended for personal use or is for social media. Premiere Pro has you covered. What you’ll love is that all the features are available with only a few clicks. The combination of video and audio material was made to be seamless and you’ll love the options you’ll have in this department.

Don’t trust us on anything here. Just try out this software, and see it for yourself. It will take you only a moment to realize why it’s the number one option for many professionals all over the world.



Maybe you’re more into the renaissance or Ninja Turtles, it doesn’t matter. The software named after the great painter and scientist Leonardo can be what you’re looking for. Most people use it for video editing in terms of non-linear functions but also for color correction.

For everyone looking to start their video editing adventure, Blackmagic Design’s product is one of the best on the market. Similarly to the option above it allows you to work on both your video and audio materials. If this is your option, digging deeper and deeper will reveal a unique world of video editing seen through various software additions such as face recognition technology or video stabilization.

Unlike the option above no beginner will be too satisfied with the complications DaVinci brings to the table. Yes, it has plenty of tools, features, and professionals love it. Beginners? Not so much.

Apple Final Cut Pro


If you start researching video editing tools Apple Final Cut Pro and you will cross paths without a doubt. In this industry, it can be seen as standard-setting software. Apple doesn’t joke with its products, and this one is no different. While it’s great, it has plenty of limitations.

Quality is there, but compatibility with Linux and Windows is lacking. Also, it doesn’t bode well with Adobe which is quite an issue especially if you’re only starting to get into the pro waters. But, professionals who are working in Hollywood are big fans of it. If you have money to invest in your video editing passion, this should be high on your list.

After all, it was used to edit The Matrix and that speaks leagues of it. Once you try it out you’ll be swept off your feet by the speed, and fastness of every process involved with video editing, the number of tools, and the interface which is quite beginner-friendly.

Cyberlink PowerDirector 365


Let’s wrap things up with this one. This is a great option, but it is not the top player on the market. You have those above. But, if you aim to mimic professionals or to become one, you need to know that many of them rely on this one. It’s good enough. A tier of its own, but a bit below the main protagonists.

Not quite fresh as a daisy as they would put it in Tenet. What you’ll love is that it’s easy to use and it’s compatible with most devices you’ll have available for you. Android stands at the top there, which is why we rate it as high as any options from above in the department of compatibility.

What you’ll love as an aspiring pro is that as far as beginners are concerned this is one ideal tool. People who are focused on social media platforms are thrilled with it. Its features, stock photo library, and advanced stabilization are all a beginner can ask for.