Volunteer scheduling is the process that looks after all operations necessary for hosting a successful volunteer event. These may range from volunteer recruitment to assigning activities at the final volunteer event. Because of how essential it is, volunteer scheduling can also become time-consuming and challenging if not done appropriately. Hence, organizations can simplify the process with the help of volunteer scheduling software.

Volunteer scheduling applications are efficient tools that can help nonprofits with admin work and help them save time and costs. They simplify the volunteer scheduling process and assist in improving organizational performance. If you’re interested to know more, here’s a look at a few advantages of volunteer scheduling software and some of the best recommendations to consider.

9 Key Benefits of Using a Volunteer Scheduling Software

1. Helps Decision-Making


Volunteer scheduling applications help nonprofit organizations manage all their data and use them for decision-making purposes. With the help of the software, businesses can effortlessly track volunteer data, employee activities, sponsorships, partners, and more. Furthermore, organizations can track data about past volunteer programs, performance levels, volunteer turnout, and more with the help of these applications.

With all the information available in one place, it becomes easier for organizations to analyze the material and use it to make meaningful decisions for improving the success of volunteer events in the future.

2. Cost-Efficient

Volunteer management software is a cost-effective option for administrative needs, as users can take up all administrative work from a single source. Organizations may have to pay a nominal fee periodically to use these applications. However, the features provided make them worth using for volunteer scheduling needs.

These applications save time and costs that would go into extensive administrative work to manage all volunteer event-related operations manually. It allows organizations to focus and divert expenses to other productive requirements for volunteer events.

3. Builds Communication

Healthy communication allows organizations to build meaningful relationships with their volunteers and host successful volunteer events. It is where a volunteer scheduling application pays off; the software will enable organizations to maintain healthy communication channels between them and their volunteers.

Users can use the applications to send reminders, post notices, store volunteer contact information, etc. Having efficient communication channels will allow volunteers and organization members to keep a consistent flow of information and reduce the chances of any misunderstandings or interruptions.

4. Improve Volunteer Retention


With volunteer scheduling applications, it is possible to monitor activities more efficiently and ensure high volunteer satisfaction. With volunteer management software, it becomes easier for organizations to monitor all tasks and their requirements conveniently and communicate their needs with volunteers onboard for the event.

Volunteers prefer places that are structured and aware of their goals and conditions and are more likely to stay with an organization or return for future volunteer events when they are content with the tasks.

5. Manage Sponsorship Details

With volunteer scheduling software, tracking and managing information about past and present sponsors is more convenient. Organizations can store contact details, user contract information, and other details about terms in one place, making it easier to access and act on them when necessary. It will allow organizations to keep their relationship with their sponsors and connect with them for future programs.

6. Set Up Training Activities

Volunteer scheduling applications can list training programs and manage all training materials, such as team activities and resources. Training is necessary as it will allow organizations to ensure that all onboarded volunteers are prepared for their tasks when the volunteer program starts. Carrying out training activities will enable volunteers to become acquainted with the organization’s requirements, thus leading to better performances.

7. Aids Volunteer Onboarding

With volunteer scheduling software, it becomes convenient for nonprofits to manage the recruitment and onboarding process of new volunteers. It helps manage details of volunteer agencies, forums, application details, volunteer screening, and all other essential information required for volunteer onboarding. With volunteer scheduling applications, it becomes easier to streamline the recruitment process and ensure that only the most suitable people are chosen for the organization.

8. Manage Employee Availability


Volunteer scheduling applications can also help organizations monitor employee availability for volunteer events. It can keep track of hours, shifts, payrolls, and more requirements.

9. Boosts Volunteer Engagement

With the help of volunteer scheduling applications, organizations can improve volunteer satisfaction at all stages. By improving communication and responsiveness, they can increase volunteer engagement.

5 Best Recommendations for Volunteer Scheduling Applications

1. Flipcause

It is a volunteer scheduling and management application for nonprofits to oversee fundraising events conveniently. Its algorithm tracks real-time donations made by donors, volunteer responsibilities, employee availability, and more. Because of its cloud compatibility, all information is accessible from anywhere the management needs to access them. The application helps monitor and track all fundraising-related activities without any hassle.

2. Golden

It is a volunteer scheduling tool that allows nonprofit organizations to structure all activities and programs and ensure their success. Golden helps monitor volunteer hours, shifts, activities, communications, employee availability, and more. It allows seamless volunteer tracking and scheduling at all stages of a volunteer event.

3. EveryAction


It is a volunteer management application for nonprofits to conduct volunteer programs and activities seamlessly. Their simplified and customizable cloud interface allows easy navigation and managing of the volunteer data to create a much more impactful volunteer experience. Organizations can use this to monitor volunteer contact information, fixed hours, notices, and more and use the data to tailor future volunteer programs or activities.

4. NewOrg

It is a web-based volunteer scheduling application that helps nonprofits track partnerships, volunteer recruitments, shifts, fundraisers, and more. It offers a one-stop solution for all volunteer data, making it convenient for organizations to host volunteer events efficiently.

5. VolunteerMark

This reliable volunteer scheduling application is used for onboarding new volunteers and enables organizations to keep track of volunteer information, availability, contact details, and more. Organizations make use of the platform to streamline team communication and enable volunteers to have access to all information available.


Volunteer scheduling is an integral part of hosting successful volunteer events. Using volunteer scheduling applications for the process makes it easier for nonprofits to manage admin work and ensure that everything runs smoothly within the organization at all times. Through this process, organizations can ensure that all operations take place efficiently, leading to an impactful volunteer program and goal achievement.