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Decorating walls can be very tricky, right ?! We all know that feeling of indecision and even fear when we stand in front of a blank, white wall… Do you paint it and how or maybe hang a picture…? Don’t be scared, because there are countless ideas and opportunities that will complement your interior and make it more beautiful.

Family paintings or decorative mirrors are always a good choice, but there are many more ways to try it out! Walls are the perfect place to be creative and express your style. But keep in mind that not everyone in a room needs to be decorated – in fact, in order for the decoration to come to the fore, you need to strike a balance between empty and decorated.

We will give you a variety of ideas whether you want to make a living from this or just want to make your home more beautiful..

Feature wall

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In the 1990s and early 2000s, you could see a white room with only one wall painted orange or turquoise. That would be considered old-school design – a simple but over-used style solution that designers eventually ran away from.

Today, feature, in a slightly different way, is back in trend. With a much more imaginative selection of colors, finishes, and patterns, the modern feature one is gaining a new place in space and fits perfectly with urban design.

One obvious reason for highlighting one in a room is to add a creative element. But emphasizing the wall has other more subtle and transformative benefits.

Depending on the finish or color you use, it can give you the impression of more space. For example, coloring in a darker color surprisingly adds depth and a little drama to the comfortable space. Or adding a mirror in a small bathroom makes it bigger in feel.

Expressing creativity on the wall also helps to draw attention away from something you don’t want people to focus on. If you do not have enough light, be sure to paint at least one part, preferably across the window, into some bright, cheerful color.

In the end, highlighting just one is more cost-effective and easier for those who are afraid of big changes. In most cases, you can easily change the design when you are bored.

Be moderate, because the feature should be one. By no means emphasize more than one in the room or more than a couple in the whole house.

Create a mini gallery

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The right frame composition can make a strong impression of whether with or without photos /paintings. You may already have some frames in the pantry, in the attic that you forgot or hung all over the house… If you group them and make a composition on one wall, you will have a great and striking effect. There are several proven ways you can make a composition. If you don’t have the frames you like or don’t have enough, you can buy them at the flea market.

Also, reproductions are available everywhere today, and this is certainly one of the best ways to decorate your home. Have Picasso, Van Gogh or Mondrian bring art to your house. See an example of what this looks like here.

Hang something unexpected

Be brave and hang something totally out of the ordinary and memorable. You can hang almost anything, starting with decorative plates, copper vessels, strings, knitted baskets, through antique instruments such as violins, guitars, and even some old doors or windows… Let your imagination run wild and be creative!

Paint something interesting

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If a client wants to tell their story and doesn’t want to hang anything on the wall, you can paint it. Those with a talent for painting can try something more complicated, such as mural or hand-painted wallpaper, and if you don’t, simple stripes in different color combinations to suit your space can make a strong impression.

Use it for something functional

If you do not have enough space or simply want the wall to be both decorative and functional – you can hang shelves, writing boards or memo boards on it where you can place important information, tasks and the like…

Hang the tapestry

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The tapestry can make a place vibrant. You can use it to quickly and cheaply hide some unwanted doors or windows, for example, or even damage.

Feng shui

Feng shui has been popular for years, so it’s possible that your customers will be looking for a decoration that meets those standards. In feng shui, walls and their layout play an important role in space. If they are well positioned, you will generate good energy in the room. The opposite is also true – if not in the right place it will block the flow of energy. This will also affect your life where blockages will also occur.

Each room has multiple walls and their decoration can be a real challenge, both at home and in the office. Does this mean that every superfluous wall should be demolished and thus release energy? Of course not. There are various ways in which good energy is created without demolishing half the space. Give your office walls a new look by adding business-related inspired artwork. You can get these wall prints from trusted sites like ElephantStock and others. Wall art not only increases the beauty of your space but also looks good and motivates your employees too.

Pay particular attention to the bedroom, hallway, and study. For the bedroom, avoid depressing colors and sad paintings or murals. Choose a cheerful design, so that after a busy day at work, a bright atmosphere in the bedroom will welcome you. The first thing you see when you enter your home is the wall opposite the front door. The decor on this should emit soothing energy so that they feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment they enter.

The space in front of the workplace is the perfect backdrop for posting your accomplishments (such as a diploma) or the material you need to work. You can also post pictures of destinations you want to visit here. The thought of a perfect vacation will serve as a motivation for you to master a particularly difficult task. Framed pictures of the family are also a good idea, as few things can lift our spirits as a look at our loved ones.


Whatever your client chooses, be creative, relaxed, follow his ideas, as well as your feelings and knowledge and I, ‘m sure the end result will be fantastic.