For most sports fans, live sports games are one of the reasons they regularly turn on their TV sets for the traditional fifteen minutes to a full hour in the afternoon. But, depending on the country and the competition you want to follow, the availability of live broadcasts varies significantly. Many sports fans therefore often choose to watch live football over the Internet.

Even though we carry our smartphones with us all the time, making us able to follow the odds to win march madness and similar tournaments regardless of where we are, they may not satisfy the full experience you’re expecting to get. Therefore, PCs are the best option possible. Enriched with a couple of gadgets, they can provide a truly unique experience.

So, here’s a short list of the gadgets you need to obtain in order to fully enjoy live-stream sports games at home.

1. Headset


Most of you reading this article would probably be satisfied with a simple pair of headphones. Unlike in-ear headphones, headsets offer superior sound quality with external noise cancellation capabilities, allowing you to immerse yourself in a realistic live stream experience. You can also use them for gaming. Most often, they come with built-in microphones, which makes it easier to communicate with your teammates during online gaming.

Certain headset models bring additional features such as surround sound and RGB lighting that add a more impressive experience and aesthetics. The headset headphones are designed with a focus on comfort, they have padded ear cups and headbands that enable longer wear without creating discomfort. They come in wired and wireless versions. So, depending on how much space for movement you want to have, choose accordingly.

2. Monitor

Even the best components on your PC mean nothing if it is connected to a low-quality monitor. Whether you play games, edit photos and videos, or just surf the Internet, you need to find the right monitor for your needs. As you are searching for the one that will give you an exciting experience while watching sports live streams, we do not recommend buying a monitor with a diagonal of less than 24″ unless you have a drastic lack of space on your desk.

The second important thing is the resolution, as it takes care of image sharpness. Although the higher the better rule, a higher resolution doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a better experience. For example, too high a resolution on too small a screen means that everything will be very small and you will have to enlarge the image to be able to comfortably use the computer. Do some research on what you can buy with the amount of money you wish to spend, to make the best purchase.

Besides gadgets, you’ll also need to ensure the following:

3. Quality internet speed

Streaming can be very frustrating if it’s not going smoothly, which depends on your internet speed. Internet speed of 100 Mbps is fast, but not extremely fast. It’s slightly above average for most internet users, powerful enough to let you stream videos, play online games, and participate in video chat meetings on several devices with minimal slowdowns.

4. VPN


In most regions, if you want to watch basketball live, that pleasure is available to you on several different channels depending on the country in which you are located. And some of the live broadcasts are also carried out in the territories of most countries worldwide. However, not every live sports match is available to all viewers on television, nor are all competitions equally accessible. Which is why we opt for the internet. In some cases, watching a match from a certain country is also not available, therefore we use VPN services. With a quality VPN service, you can watch the live stream of all your favorite sports games wherever you are.

What are the alternatives for watching live streams?

Mobile applications are always an option, as we’ve mentioned in the beginning. Various streaming services have also developed their own mobile applications. However, some countries will not be able to stream certain matches. But this is where bookmakers will jump into the game once again. Almost all domestic bookmakers have their own betting applications, including the possibility of live betting.

That’s why it’s possible to watch live matches for free through that application, that is if you have at least a few coins in your account. Of course, this allows you to watch the match live wherever you are, and all you need is to have stable Internet access from your device. Any interference in the signal could interfere with the transmission and ruin the viewing experience. It is recommended that you have mobile traffic on your device or that the Wi-Fi signal you use to access the Internet is strong enough.


However, bookmakers will not have all live match broadcasts available for their users. But what users will be able to watch is at a truly enviable level. Live matches that we know are currently available in bookmakers are, for example, football matches from some of the five leagues such as the Spanish Primera, the German Bundesliga, the French Ligue 1, and the Italian Serie A. From the other football leagues, live matches can also be watched from leagues like Dutch, Russian, Brazilian, etc.

If you’re a basketball fan, you shouldn’t worry either. There are also a large number of basketball competitions in betting shops that have their own live broadcast of matches. You can watch live the best basketball players in the world from the NBA league, and there are also, among others, a large number of European leagues as well as the strongest European club competition – the Euroleague.

Final word

As you can see from this article, investing in a couple of pc gadgets that can enrich your viewing experience is definitely worth a while. You’ll get a chance to watch every match from the comfort of your home, with some quality beer and snacks. And you can shout and cheer all you want, unlike when watching the bookmakers.