A cross country move may be exciting but also involves a lot of hassle and fuss. Beginning from heavy furniture to king-size mattresses, the process includes much labor.

While moving cross country you have two choices, either you do it entirely yourself by hiring a vehicle or get it done by using trusted cross country moving services. There is another way too, where you pack your belongings in containers provided by a company and they drive you to the said destination.

Though one or two may choose to do it themselves because of the safety of the items, appointing a service is much more advisable as not only do they know about safely packing items but also know how to handle such items. Moving companies have a wide range of price, where there are high costing companies, some offer their services at a reasonable cost too. Click here to get to know some of the following services.



The average price of a considerably furnished 3BHK with a distance of around 2000 miles comes around $4,000 to $8,000. It depends on the options one has chosen. Other varying factors depend on the distance to be covered, the amount of furniture, weight of the cargo, etc. If a room is heavily furnished the cost can rise to almost $15,500 in case of hiring professionals.


This is the best alternative if you don’t have many items to be transported or if those items need not special care and careful handling. Because in this case if you rent a container or appoint moving services, the cost will be quite unnecessary. The cost of hiring a trailer or truck given an average distance and items comes around $4,000. But of course, it should be kept in mind that you will have to invest much time and manual labor to complete the trip successfully.


These services are quite budget-friendly as well as give you a few benefits of hiring a company service. Though an average price they charge is around $5,000 the price may differ widely with features and services. But this is not appropriate for those who want to move special items or Large TV screens, expensive paintings, huge photo frames, etc. because here the packing remains totally up to you they only provide their services in transportation, which means, unlike DIY they offer you drivers for the to and for of your items.



They offer the highest cost of full-fledged service. If you have decided to take the help of a moving company, be sure that the amount of money invested will be of total worth, because they commit to your quality, smooth service, etc. before, during and also after the transit. They have a minimum cost of $7,500 and goes on to $10,000. They charge more or less $1,500 per room of a moderately furnished house.

Why so costly, right? They plan the entire transit for you from loading to off-loading. They provide extra packing materials or help in need, offer full protection when it comes to items which are fragile and sensitive and make sure proper instructions are followed. There are also some services which give you storage choices so that cluttering can be prevented while getting down the items. These are something you don’t get in the above two options.

Both weight and distance vary the price. In case of weight, a kitchen will weigh more with pans, cookers, oven, etc. more than a bedroom, so if one has no significant kitchen the cost will drop down; same with distance, the more distance more is the charge.



One should always choose wisely and not only based on the costing! Because you do not want to damage your items just to save a few dollars. Also, you need to choose effectively too, be sure of your requirements before appointing a professional!