Making headway in 2023, there will be around 3.3 million professionals using Salesforce. But as far as Salesforce administrators are concerned, every client is a unique challenge with unique aspects.

When you hire a salesforce admin, they will be your liaison to Salesforce. These professionals have a deep understanding of the technology and product and a broad reach into your business.

Salesforce admins aren’t just needed to customise sales organisations. They’re part of a holistic CRM ecosystem. They have an enormous scope in which they can improve business processes across every department – from sales and marketing to operations and customer support.

Salesforce Admin – An Overview

Having a Salesforce admin will help your business scale and grow. You should learn more about Salesforce administrators if you want to sell or use the product. A Salesforce administrator can help you scale your business by ensuring that your customers access relevant info.

Most businesses need the help of a Salesforce admin to maintain their daily operations. If you sell or use the product, it’s a good idea to learn more about what admins do and how they can help your company grow. By 2024, Salesforce will have created 4.2 million jobs worldwide, with the admin being one of the coveted roles.

An admin is a Salesforce expert who has authority over many aspects of the system, from data entry to design. They’re also responsible for making sure your data is accurate and secure. While many think of Salesforce admins as the people who manage the technical side of things, they are much more than that.

You can think of an admin as an all-purpose troubleshooter who can solve any problem in your Salesforce implementation, even if they don’t necessarily have a background in IT or software development.

What does a Salesforce admin do?

A Salesforce admin manages the platform and ensures it runs smoothly. They also help in configuring and creating new users, which is essential since they are the ones who will be using the platform. A Salesforce admin also ensures that all users follow security policies to ensure that data is not compromised. Salesforce admins are the big-picture people.

  • Setting up your users

This is usually done by creating roles and profiles and assigning users to those roles. The first thing that a Salesforce Admin would do is to set up the users. The user can access different software features and perform various tasks, depending on their role. The admin can create new users, assign them to specific roles and grant them access to the necessary objects and fields. This means creating user accounts, assigning profiles and roles, granting permissions, and locking down sensitive data. They also manage security settings, including password policies and login requirements.

  • Adding new custom fields, objects, and record types

Custom fields allow admins to store specific data points that aren’t included in the standard CRM functionality. Custom objects enable admins to organise related pieces of data into individual sections of the system that can each be accessed separately from each other; they might include “Customers,” “Orders,” and “Order Details.” Record types are essentially templates for adding new records into the system; they set up default values for fields so that when users create new records.

  • Creating new custom reports and dashboards

Salesforce admins can create new custom reports and dashboards to help users get more value from the data they provide. This can be done by creating SQL queries, joining multiple tables, or selecting the suitable visualisation options available in Salesforce. You can use these reports to inform future decisions about where your business should focus its efforts and resources.
  • Assigning new user permissions

A Salesforce admin will be responsible for granting access to the platform for new employees, contractors or temporary workers using the Salesforce Identity service (which uses Active Directory). This ensures that only people who need access can get it. A Salesforce admin can assign users to different roles and modify their access rights depending on their role and need.

  • Automating processes with workflow rules, approvals, and flows.

The most important thing a Salesforce admin can do is automate processes with workflow rules, approvals and flows. This means they’ll automatically create a set of steps when certain conditions are met — like when a lead is converted into an opportunity or a customer places an order. Automating these processes makes it much easier for sales reps to spend their time closing deals instead of entering data manually into Salesforce!

Why do you need a Salesforce admin?

An admin’s most important thing is ensuring everything works properly — whether it’s new features or maintenance updates. They’ll monitor the health of your system so that you can identify problems before they become more significant issues.

If you’re wondering, “why do I need a Salesforce admin?” these five reasons will hopefully help convince you of their value to your company.

  • Your Salesforce admin is the glue that holds your database and business together. It’s the person who knows how to connect your data to ensure that it works with your other systems — like customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, eCommerce, and more.
  • They will get you up to speed on your platform capabilities. According to the Salesforce survey, 58% of businesses implement CRM solutions without establishing a plan for how these tools will support their operations. This is why the average return on investment (ROI) in enterprise-wide CRM adoption is expected to fall dramatically. The salesforce administrator has access to new features and functionality as soon as they are released by Salesforce themselves or by third-party developers who have added functionality to the platform
  • They make sure you’re compliant with data security regulations. A Salesforce admin ensures that all your data remains secure at all times. They create security policies so that only authorised people can access data and information related to your business. This helps keep your data safe from unauthorised users who might want to steal it for their benefit.
  • They save you time and money through their expertise. A Salesforce admin helps reduce operational costs by ensuring there are no leaks or gaps in security setup and ensuring that employees do not make any mistakes when accessing data.

Wrapping Up

Salesforce administrators are the unsung heroes of the Salesforce community. They’re the ones who keep things running smoothly, troubleshoot problems and make sure that data is accurate and up to date.