Are you stuck in a points-based timeshare and are unaware of how you even got in it? Or unaware of what even a point-based timeshare is and how to cancel it?

What Is A Point-Based Timeshare?

Before you can get into what a point-based timeshare is, you have to know what a timeshare is. A timeshare is usually a vacation home that is bought for a certain period of time of the year and for the remainder of the year is bought by someone else. For example, one person can own the home or condominium for the entire winter season November-February but than someone else can own it for the entire rest of the year.

Now, what is a points-based timeshare? This is different. This is also a Vacation Club Membership. This means rather than every week the owner would get a specific number of points each year. Now if you are the owner of this you can exchange these for accommodations at different in-network resorts.


The way the points work like usual timeshares and are available during a specific season. This is more flexible for the owners so they can book their vacations any time of year.

There are two different kinds, however. There is a deeded timeshare points ownership in which you would own it for life, and there’s the Right To Use which means it will expire in a couple of years.

Now if you are in one of these legally binding contracts it is very difficult to get out of them almost impossible. But, there are companies that can help you with different options for timeshare legal services.

How Can Such Companies Help Me Cancel My Timeshare?

Unlike other attorneys, they are trained and well informed of all aspects of the legal industry. They are also legally bonded to be completely honest with you throughout the entirety of the process and can not lie. Even if your best option isn’t with them. Each attorney is specialized in timeshare law. They all have experience in releasing their clients from legally binding contracts.

The way the process works is they will ask you a lot of questions starting from the beginning. Such as “What happened when you first purchased the timeshare?” Or “Who did you purchase the timeshare from?” They will gain as much personal information as possible to assist you with their timeshare legal services. They strive towards receiving a legal binding agreement from the timeshare developer. At the end of the case, their legal firm will have the timeshare completely removed from the client’s records. This would release you from any tax obligations.


It is their job to release you from any scam you were introduced to and subjected to. And also offer a 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee. You can contact them anytime to receive your free consultation. A consultation is only 30-60 minutes long and based on whether or not the contract is prepared and ready to be viewed. You do not have to meet in person for the consultation and it can be completed over the phone.

If you want to meet in person you can drive into the office anytime in the Las Vegas area. However, if you live in a surrounding state they will give you a $100 voucher if you hire their attorneys or a $250 voucher if you fly in from a different state. You will need proof of the travels to receive the voucher.

Everyone who is on the contract needs to be available for the consultation so everything is clear and communicated to the attorney. The only thing needed at the consultation is the timeshare contract. Before you do hire the attorneys you still need to have a consultation with them.

If you believe the sale was fraudulent or they used deceptive sales than check through this list and if any of these things happen, immediately ask for professional help Linx Legal Inc.

  • If the presentation was longer than promised
  • If they said the price was cheaper today than it would be tomorrow
  • If you couldn’t read the contract before signing
  • If you were not told the total debt you would be recovering with the timeshare
  • If you were told the value of your timeshare would increase and could be sold for more
  • If the resort won’t take it back and you can not sell it