The 3M earplug lawsuit has been making headlines recently. If you’re unfamiliar with the story, here’s a quick rundown. A whistleblower lawsuit was unsealed that alleged 3M Company and its subsidiaries had been aware of design flaws in its combat earplugs since 2000. The lawsuit claimed that the company had failed to disclose this information to the United States military, leading to millions of service members being exposed to damaging noise levels.

In 2018, the Department of Justice disclosed that it had reached a settlement with 3M in which the company would pay approximately $9 million to settle testimonials that it had sold defective earplugs to the military. If these earplugs injured you or a loved one, you might be eligible for compensation. In that case, you should contact an experienced 3M combat earplugs injury attorneys immediately.

If you have been following the news lately, you probably heard about the 3M earplug lawsuit. This post provides an overview of what has happened so far in the case and what is likely to occur in the future.

What Is The 3M Earplug Lawsuit?


3M company designed the Combat Arms earplugs (CAEv2) in a defective manner. The dual-ended Combat Arms earplugs were designed to provide maximum protection from explosions, muzzle flashes, and other threats. However, 3M failed to warn users of the defect and provided them with improper instructions. Henceforth, thousands of veterans suffered injuries due to 3 M’s negligence.

The lawsuit alleges that 3M knew that their Combat Arms earplugs were unsafe for military service because they could cause hearing loss from repeated exposure to noise. The suit also states that 3M knew that these defects could cause indefinite hearing loss but did not alert veterans about this risk until 2015.

The lawsuit claims that due to the widespread damage caused to veterans by 3 M’s actions, they are liable for paying damages to those injured or suffered from hearing loss that is due to their products.

A lawsuit against 3M alleges that between 2003 and 2015, it sold defective dual-ended Combat Arms earplugs while using them in the military. Thereby, 3M voluntarily agreed to pay around $9 million to resolve the allegations. According to the Justice Department, the company knew these plugs were hazardous but continued selling them anyway, knowing what they were doing.

This case was filed under the False Claims Act, which allows individuals harmed by fraudulent activity by companies or government agencies to sue for damages on behalf of themselves and other individuals similarly affected.

What Is The Update On The 3M Earplug Lawsuit?


The Earplug Lawsuit, the court-filed case against 3M and Aearo Technologies, will get even more interesting in the next few weeks. As requested by the parties, Judge Rodger should allow them again to file motions on the successor liability summary judgment motion filed last month by the plaintiffs’ lawyers.

The plaintiffs are seeking summary judgment in their case on several grounds. This includes that the company breached its duty under warranty by failing to warn consumers about the dangers of reusable earplugs. And that Aearo was not liable for these failures because it was a separate entity from 3M at the time of sale.

3M argues that Aearo should be treated as a separate entity from 3M. This means that if there is no breach of warranty by 3M (and therefore no damages), there would be no damages against Aearo. This position would also mean that there would be no damages against Aearo if they had warned customers about the dangers of reusable earplugs before they sold them; it would seem like they’re just trying to shift blame away from themselves.

However, it is still being determined at this time what the outcome of this latest development will be. The plaintiffs’ lawyers have yet to respond to 3 M’s request, so we will have to wait and see what happens next in this ongoing legal battle.

Who Is Eligible For Compensation In The 3M Earplug Lawsuit?


A few things determine if you are eligible for compensation in the 3M Combat Arms Dual-Sided Earplug Lawsuit.

You must have been in the military between 2003 and 2015. This includes any branch of the military: Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines.

You must have used Combat Arms Earplugs between 2003 and 2015. These earplugs were made by 3M and sold exclusively through the military for use during training exercises such as boot camp and Basic Training. Soldiers also used them on duty overseas.

Those who have suffered hearing loss, tinnitus, and/or balance problems are eligible for compensation in the 3M Earplug Lawsuit.

What Are The Essential Documents Or Records To Establish 3M Earplug Lawsuit?


The military, active duty record, and veteran’s administration (VA) record are essential documents that have the most impact in establishing the earplug lawsuit. The military, active duty record contains information about your entire military service, including any deployments, awards, promotions, and training you received during your time in the military. The VA record contains all your medical records from when you were discharged.

The discharge from active duty document is another vital document that confirms that you were released from your active duty status. There might be documentation of injury to support your claim.

The DD 214 certificate of release is another document that can corroborate your claims for injuries or illnesses related to earplug use while on active duty. This document should contain information about how long you served on active duty and any medals or honors awarded during this service period.

What Is The Compensation Amount For The Veterans?

Several factors usually determine the compensation amount. The compensation amount may vary according to the extent of hearing damage, psychological impact, and disability to perform ADL and earn for living. The individual settlement may differ according to the severity of the injury.

What Is The Future Of This 3M Lawsuit, Or How Long Will It Take To Settle?

The Lawsuit is a legal battle that has been going on for years. It will take a while before it is settled and the verdict is announced. We hope that the veterans will get their due compensation and be compensated for what they have gone through.


3M’s Earplug Lawsuit is one of the most well-known whistleblower lawsuits in history. It has long been regarded as the blueprint for future whistleblower cases and a good reason. The plaintiffs that have come forward over the years have changed history forever. Their whistleblowing efforts will continue to help countless people in the United States and across the globe for generations to come.

Although the 3M Earplug lawsuits have received a great deal of attention thus far, it is essential to remember that an ongoing investigation is being undertaken, and a new study has found higher incidences of hearing loss in workers who used these earplugs. The lawsuit is just part of the picture here. Veterans who wore these earplugs may consider consulting with an attorney to learn more about their legal rights and options going forward.