World of Warcraft is an MMORPG that has gone through a lot of changes and updates that have greatly changed the project in terms of graphics and game mechanics. Quite often, WoW receives major updates and not all experienced players have time to track and disassemble them, not to mention beginners.

Therefore, there are always a number of sites and services with which it is better to interact for a comfortable game of World of Warcraft.

Sites that can help newcomers to WoW:

  • Skycoach
  • Wowhead
  • Blizzard forums

Skycoach is a site that provides various services for gamers in all popular games, including World of Warcraft. The player can receive various services related to pumping, help in mastering the content, game values and help in completing complex tasks.

How Skycoach will be useful for a beginner:

  • Sale of gold
  • Completing Achievements
  • Coaching

Sale of gold

Gold is the main spending currency in World of Warcraft. Equipment and weapons, consumables are bought for it, and services are paid for, including when interacting with other players.

There is never too much gold, and your wealth will depend on the playing position and the time you spend farming.

You can always buy more gold and buy the right starting armor and weapons that will be better than the quest ones and start your way into raids to farm the best equipment instead of crafting your own equipment yourself.

According to the game rules, it is impossible to transfer gold for free and the administration may be interested in a deal that is carried out on unrequited conditions.

Skycoach uses several tricks to ensure that the game gold is transferred to the client without consequences and guarantees a refund in case of disputes.

Completing Achievements

Achievements are a special type of activity in games where players are rewarded with commemorative marks and various rewards for completing additional and optional tasks.

Rewards can be passive character boosts, unique mounts, and other rewards.

But some rewards require serious effort from the player, for example, to get one of the unique mounts, you need to complete the raid on mythic difficulty, and for many players this is a difficult task, since it requires high-level equipment and it will not be easy to do it without a guild.

This task can be undertaken by professional Skycoach players. You will join a group that is guaranteed to pass the raid and destroy the bosses. In order to avoid the failure of the raid due to a mistake by the player, or ignorance of the mechanic, the character will be killed at the beginning of the campaign, but do not worry – the raid mechanics allow you to lie dead for a long time without any consequences.

When the boss runs out of health, the character will be resurrected and deliver the final blow, so the player will receive all the reward and experience for completing the raid, including the achievement, and Skycoach will receive a review in his piggy bank.


Training is a good alternative for those who do not like to order boosting and want to go through the path of a player on their own, but do not understand the basics of MMO RPGs, the principle of pumping and selecting talents and the game meta.

For such players, a coaching service is suitable, where a professional Skycoach player will tell the player about the basics of the WoW game world, help to choose a faction and class according to personal preferences, and will accompany the player at all stages of character development.

The player will need to decide on the class and direction of development, master PVP mechanics and class behavior in battle and PVE mechanics in order to be useful in raids and be able to quickly and efficiently farm gold and materials. All the basics will be learned and understood by a professional Skycoach player.



Wowhead is a collection of useful information about all the mechanics that a player can encounter in World of Warcraft.

Here you can find detailed guides with class breakdowns that will help you make a choice – take a fire, or an ice magician, for example.

Profession guides, where you can find information about each source of ore, understand how to get herbs, where to get gems, and much more.

Wowhead will be useful for beginners to quickly progress through the story quests and understand the best places to farm gold and materials that can be sold on the market, or used for future professions.

Everything about Shadowlands – new tasks and raids, locations and NPCs. Everything can be found on Wowhead, the fishing guide has been formed taking into account new updates, and for completing all the conditions you can get a unique fishing rod.

Beginners should read the section that deals with legendary items in order to understand what they are, what their main value is and where to get them, as well as to figure out what kind of equipment is worth collecting for their class and why.

Blizzard forums


The Blizzard forums are a huge amount of information that players share with each other under Blizzard moderation so that players do not mislead each other and new players.

Here you can find a discussion of key changes and updates, where everyone shares their opinion and notices worthwhile changes and comes to the same opinion.

On the forums, you can ask your question about the equipment that is better to collect, which leveling method to pay attention to, and what content is better to follow before the main events. Experienced players will tell you what choices to make so that you don’t have to upgrade your character due to a number of mistakes.

The forum can also be useful as a source of gathering groups for completing raids and finding a guild. Often, many players want to see as allies not so much experienced as adequate players, and knowledge and experience will be gained during the game – everyone was once a beginner, so do not hesitate to ask questions and look for associates.