Writing a business letter is never a cup of one’s tea – it certainly requires a lot of attention and detailed knowledge of formal English. Apart from that, it is very essential to avoid any kind of grammatical mistakes in the business letter as it will create a wrong impression in the mind of the readers.

That is the reason why every businessman uses to check the letter through a grammar checking tool before submitting the letter to the client. The good thing about the Grammar checking tool is that it can be embedded into the word processor, Google Chrome, Google Docs, Outlook, etc. Moreover, it will automatically show grammatical errors in the content.

You can get this facility online as well on On this site, you will not only be able to check grammar in the content but can also check improper words, sentence structure, incorrect punctuation, etc. In this article, we have come up with some common silly mistakes that people usually make while writing their first business letter.

Mistakes you should avoid while writing a business letter

The following are some common mistakes that almost all newcomers use to do while writing the first business letter:

1. Unprofessional formatting


It is very essential to do the right formation of a business letter since it is the first thing that immediately becomes noticeable. Right formatting will certainly make a good first impression on the readers. You must include a date at the top of the letter followed by the address.

Apart from that, the text of the letter should be left-aligned. Moreover, you must keep some space in between the paragraphs. Most importantly, you must provide an appropriate greeting as well as closing.

2. Do not delete template examples

Many people use the template of a business letter but the biggest mistake that people usually make is that they forget to delete the sample information from the template. But before you send the letter to the client it is very essential to edit or delete all the examples that may have remained in the template.

3. Forget to check the spelling


This is another biggest mistake most people make but it can be easily avoided. You can use an online spell checker which will also save you plenty of time. It takes a huge time for a writer to proofread the document manually but no matter how much time you need to proofread the letter you must read the letter after writing the same.

Hence, this type of spell checker tool is very useful for those writers who remain busy and need to submit the document on deadline. Thus, with the help of this type of tool, you can save a lot of time as well. Moreover, you also do not need to consult or hire any technical person for proofreading your letter.

4. Forgetting an attachment

The most common mistake that most people do is forgetting to attach important files with the mail. It is certainly very embarrassing to send the same business letter for the second time and ask for an apology for the mistake. One better idea to avoid such mistakes is to attach all the essential files before you write the letter. In such a case, the chance of forgetting the attachment becomes very less.

5. Use of informal language


Another biggest thing that you must remember while writing a business letter is to use formal language. You should always use polite language in the letter. Most people use informal language, informal transition, and adjectives.

6. Using too many idioms or phrases

You must not use too many idioms and phrases in the letter. It will make it complex and your reader may not be able to understand the meaning of the sentence that you want to convey. However, you can use only those expressions that will be appropriate for the business. With the formal and appropriate phrases, you also get a good opportunity to enhance your English skills.

7. Forgetting to include casual greetings and closings


It is very essential to use the right greetings in a business letter. The most common mistake that people usually do is to use the same informal greetings that they usually use when writing letters to their friends. For example, in the formal letter, you should not use casual greetings like Hey or Hi.

Rather in the formal business letter, you should only use the word like Dear followed by the family name of the person. You can also use closings like Best Regards or Sincerely followed by a comma and your company’s name.

8. Use of grammar checking tool

It is also important to use the grammar checking tool once you complete writing the letter. However, there is no need to completely rely on the grammar checking tool as it is context-based and cannot give you 100% accuracy. You must also read the business letter once after you complete it even after checking the content through grammar checking or spell checking tool. While proofreading the letter you must not forget that this type of tool cannot determine the difference between similar words.

For example, you may want to write that your company invents the airplane that can fly but instead if you mistakenly write that your company invents the car that can fly it cannot determine the difference between these two sentences and take both the sentences is correct. But you will be able to detect the error when proofreading the letter. But using this tool will save your time although you can never be 100% sure that it is correct. If you want an even better method of ensuring that your business writing is error-free and impactful, the editing service PaperTrue can help!

This is how you can write a business letter and you must remember all those points that are mentioned above. You will get a free version of the spell and grammar checking tool but free-version cannot give you accuracy. That is why it is always recommended to use the paid version of the grammar checking tool as it makes fewer mistakes as compared to that of the free version.