When it comes to the business world, it doesn’t matter if you manage a large corporation, or on the other hand, if you have just launched your start-up company, there is always room for improvement. Even if you think you have mastered a certain set of skills, new trends emerge, and you have to continue learning.

This is why it is important to always stay on top of everything, and in order to manage to do this, you have to find appropriate sources. Thankfully, nowadays, this isn’t a difficult task since you can find everything online. In the following article, we will tell you about some YouTube channels you should subscribe to.

The Google Business


If you are just entering the business world, there are numerous things you have to learn and understand. This platform is, without a doubt, one of the most popular ones for novices who are looking for professionals tips that will enable them to grow their company.

As it is to be expected, numerous tutorials explain how to achieve this goal by using Google tools, but the great thing is that their content isn’t specifically focused on these. In a nutshell, you will get a chance to learn about strategies other companies use to boost their productivity and connect their employees with the help of a wide arrange of tools and techniques.

Marie TV


Sometimes, entrepreneurs want to hear advice directly from other people who have managed to build successful careers. If you are one of them, you should add Marie Forleo’s platform to your list. What makes her channel authentic is the fact that she speaks candidly about her life and work.

In addition, she will introduce you to specific advice that she used, and she will explain both pros and cons of those. Over 400,000 people eagerly await every new video, and surely, a lot of people would recommend you her channel, so make sure to check it out.

TED Talks


Everyone knows about this platform, right? Well, their videos feature the best and the brightest minds who get a chance to share their innovative ideas, their experience in the business world, the challenges they had to overcome, and so on. You surely know how popular TED conferences are, so on the channel, you have a chance to watch and analyze speeches made by great leaders and thinkers.

Y Combinator


If you are currently working on developing your business plan or are even concluding it and getting ready to launch your start-up, this is a channel you should follow on a weekly basis. Why? Well, new entrepreneurs are the target audience of this platform, meaning that you will learn a lot from their content.

There are numerous how-to videos that explain in detail the strategies and tools you should implement, how to use them in the best way possible, etc. In addition, you will also have a chance to hear from professionals, such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Annu Hariharan. You have to admit that these are important people in the business world, so why shouldn’t you get some tips firsthand?

In addition, this channel also focuses on the marketing aspect of every step-up, its importance, as well as some essential strategies you should implement. This is the reason why this platform is a great source of information for beginners in the business world, and when it comes to marketing, you can find some additional details on the Jaynike website.



Do you remember when we said that entrepreneurs never stop learning? Well, this is an important lesson you cannot forget. Now, you are probably wondering what the best platform is, and our recommendation is to subscribe to this YouTube channel. You will learn all the information about their platform on their channel, so we will tell you just a little bit about it.

According to them, their “mission is to unlock universal access to learning.” Basically, once you join their community, you will be able to choose between thousands of courses on different topics across all industries, and obviously, there is a lot of content for future entrepreneurs.

Robin Sharma


There is nothing that can top advice from a person who has built an empire, someone who is an author of 15 best-selling books on leadership and has collaborated with clients, such as Microsoft, GE, Nike, and so on. Robin Sharma is someone who meets all of these requirements, so you should not miss his content.

His motto is that you have to find your passion and work hard on accomplishing your goals. He also offers a lot of business self-help advice, which will help you find the best way to overcome every challenge your company encounters.

This week in Startups


This week in Startup is a show that is hosted by Jason Calacanis. The show’s weekly episodes analyze current situations and challenges that affect new companies. Together with his guests, he goes over all the news and discusses the effect they had on small and online businesses. He tries to keep things entertaining and honest while enabling viewers to understand what should be their next step in the process of protecting and growing their companies.

Behind the Brand

Yes, this channel managed by Bryan Elliott gives you a detailed insight into the work popular brands do. You have to admit that having an opportunity to learn about their businesses is very beneficial for small companies that are yet to grow and develop.

He conducts candid interviews with important people behind these brands and provides his subscribers with a chance to learn about the tricks and techniques they should use to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Wrapping up

To sum up, these are only some of the many YouTube channels entrepreneurs should follow. As you can see, their content will not only introduce you to the business world itself, but you will also have a chance to learn some practical tips from people who have been in the industry for quite some time.

Our advice is to go over all of these and also find additional ones to make sure that you have the best sources that will enable you to always stay on top of the latest trends and also learn how to solve any issue that may arise in the future.